Why Give?

Provide poverty Relief programs

There are thousands of registered charities across Canada committed to helping children and youth. So why give to Peel Children’s Aid Foundation? Peel Children’s Aid Foundation raises funds for programs aimed at improving the lives of children and youth in care of Peel Children’s Aid and for families who are under the protection of Peel Children’s Aid. A child or teen is brought into care for a number of reasons, including:
- Physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse or neglect
- Abandonment/separation, meaning a child’s parent may have died or is unable to care for their child and has not made adequate provisions for care
- Caregiver capacity, suggesting that although a child has not yet been harmed, the caregiver demonstrates characteristics that indicate their child would be at risk of harm without intervention. The Foundation also provides poverty relief programs for families in Peel Region who are under the protection of Peel Children’s Aid. With your support, Peel Children’s Aid Foundation can make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth and help them achieve their full potential, which benefits the entire community.