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The Butterfly Effect
Become a monthly donor and invest in our children and youth throughout the year. Your monthly gift can make a significant difference in the life of a child or teen.
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F&F 2018
Fierce and Fabulous
Save the date for Fierce and Fabulous! An event dedicated to inspiring women to be fierce and fabulous for vulnerable children and youth. We hope to see you there May 24. 2018
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Create Your Own Fundraising Page


If you’d like to take further initiative in donating to Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, then why not create your own personal fundraising page?

Having your own fundraising page is a unique and effective way to share and express your commitment to the essential work of Peel Children’s Aid Foundation. It’s a great way to invite family, friends and colleagues to join you in your efforts of improving the lives of kids and teens under our protection.

To get your fundraising page up and running, all you have to do is register by clicking here. Once you’ve completed the form, you will receive an email with your personal page login and password.

Once you’re able to log in to your page, you can personalize it with your own content, explaining why you support the Foundation and why others should as well.

Here are some questions to consider when creating your own fundraising page:

  • why are we fundraising for Peel Children’s Aid Foundation?
  • who are we helping?
  • is there a specific program we want to support?
  • how much money do we want to raise?

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, why not plan an event around your fundraising page?

For more information on hosting an event, click here.