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Success Stories

Success StoriesThank You

Read on and witness first hand how your support helps better the lives of children and youth under the protection of Peel Children’s Aid.

Success Stories: Kids

Thank you for helping me go on a trip to Nova Scotia with my foster parents. Here’s what we did during our vacation: go-karting, bumper boats, fishing, and taking lots of pictures! I loved staying with my new family and flying on a plane. It was the first time that I flew on a plane or stayed in a cabin. Thank you for contributing to our vacation. 
- Christina, Age 11

You gave me tickets to go see Disney on Ice in December. I wanted to let you know how much I really liked the show. Thank you for giving me tickets to watch it. My favourite part of the show was when the bad guys got Mickey and when they saw the alligator. 
- N.L.


Success Stories: Teens

I’ve been in care since I was 12. I used to be ashamed of saying I was involved with Children’s Aid. Like it was something to be embarrassed about – in care, foster kid, crown ward. I realize now that being involved with CAS is a privilege. Someone is always there for you. And the financial help means a lot. I work part time but at my age that means making around minimum wage which isn’t even enough for rent and groceries. But I’ve turned my life around and I’m proud that I’m making better choices. I joined a run group at the agency, am coaching other youth and recently ran my first marathon. For the first time I feel really good about myself. 
- Johnathan, Crown Ward

Thank you very much for your generous gifts. You have supplied me with all that I need and more for the school year! I’m sure that the other kids will deeply appreciate your help as well. You are touching the lives of many young children and teenagers like myself. The world needs more kind-hearted people like yourselves. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
- O.R, Age 17


Success Stories: Other

A young man came in to my class with a file from his past school stating that he couldn’t focus and would never attend a regular school or be successful. But together we concentrated on what he could achieve. Less than six months later, he was attending classes every day. He could problem solve, had improved his life skills, moved back home and returned to a mainstream school. This man showed me that every youth can be successful if they are given the opportunity. When a youth I am working with sets a goal, any goal, and then achieves it, I am humbled. So what can you do? Believe in youth and help them believe in themselves. 
- Natasha, Child and Youth Worker

What better way is there to spend your time than hanging out with youth who want nothing more than to have someone to talk to, to trust, to listen? The very first afternoon I spent with these boys I wasn’t even sure what they would like to do so I took them swimming. The youngest one looked at me and said, “…we get to do this every week?” It was so awesome because something so simple meant so much to him. So that’s why I volunteer as a mentor – I’m improving their lives and they’re improving mine. 
- Michael, Mentor