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Investing in the Future


So many youth in care of Peel Children’s Aid have an inspiring determination to succeed as young adults. Unfortunately, they face a number of obstacles, making their ability to succeed almost next to impossible. These include:

  • the struggle to develop and sustain friendships as a result of moving from home to home. And not just foster homes; much of a teen’s transient lifestyle begins while still with their parents and continues after they are on their own.
  • being typecast in school as ‘trouble makers’ or ‘underachievers’, resulting in fewer opportunities to excel in academics or extra-curricular activities
  • being more likely to drop out of school, to be un- or underemployed, to be homeless, to be involved in criminal activities, to be on social assistance or have mental health issues. The high school completion rate for kids in care is a shocking 40%, a major contrast to the 79% provincial average.

From pursuing a post-secondary education to managing a budget, The Futures Fund supports programs that provide youth with the tools they need to beat the odds and lead independent, productive lives as young adults in our community.

Achievement Awards
Bursary Program
Preparation for Independence
Tools for Learning